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Chiropractor Dallas TX Dr Giovanni Quiroz
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Giovonni Quiroz D.C.

Dr. Giovonni Quiroz is a Texas board certified chiropractor, and graduated from Parker University. He was born in California and raised in New Mexico. Dr. Quiroz attended New Mexico State University for his undergraduate degree, where he learned that chiropractic was going to be his way of helping as many people as he can. Dr. Quiroz became passionate about chiropractic once he learned the true principles of the body's ability to heal itself. 


By knowing that the power that made the body also heals the body, he has been able to work with this innate force daily, and has seen tremendous results in practice.
Chiropractor Dallas TX Evelia Aragon
Practice Director

Evelia Aragon D.C.

Dr. Aragon's first exposure to chiropractic was through an injury she acquired while training for a marathon. She was impressed on how efficiently she recovered and learned that chiropractic was more than just pain relief but about optimizing her health. It was an introduction to a better quality of life. Soon after, she attended Parker University where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.


Dr. Aragon was a national boxing champion and a 5 time Dallas Golden Gloves champion in Dallas. She likes to take spin class and enjoys spending time at the park with her husband, her 2 daughters and her golden doodle. Visit Wellness Vida Center today.


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