Meet The Team

Chiropractor Evelia Aragon D.C.

Chiropractor Dallas TX Evelia AragonDr. Aragon's first exposure to chiropractic was through an injury she acquired while training for a marathon. She was impressed on how efficiently she recovered and learned that chiropractic was more than just pain relief but about optimizing her health. It was an introduction to a better quality of life. Soon after, she attended Parker University where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Dr. Aragon was a national boxing champion and a 5 time Dallas Golden Gloves champion in Dallas. She likes to take spin class and enjoys spending time at the park with her husband, her 2 daughters and her golden doodle. Visit Wellness Vida Center today.


Chiropractor Alissa Aranda D.C.

Chiropractor Dallas TX Evelia AragonDr. Aranda graduated from Parker University with a doctorate in Chiropractic, B.S in Anatomy and B.S. in Health and Wellness. She also received certification for personal training with a specialty in corrective exercises through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Dr. Aranda balances her life by spending time with friends, family and her German Shepherd.


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